Search for Skinn Clinic Prospects

And how we can email them (without being salesmen)



  1. Search:“anti wrinkle clinic” + location page
    eg: anti wrinkle clinic randwick 
  2. Start on the page 2 results, and look for real clinics.
  3. Go to their website.
  4. Enter results in Google Sheet
    There is a tab on the Google Sheet “Locations and Results”. Check that before prospecting a location, and mark your name on the location you choose.
  5. If they list their EMAIL address, use the webform below.


6. If no email address, (but have a  Contact Us form) fill in their contact us form with this info.

Contact Us Instructions:

Name: Zac Dillon
Phone: 0414 187 443
Subject: Anti wrinkle clinic




My name is Zac Dillon.

I found your website on Google by searching for “anti winkle clinic [location]”

I own the #1 ranked site on Google for that search; I would like to know if you would possibly be interested in taking over my site and the rankings it has, for your business?

(also have many other #1 listings around Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle)

Please contact me if you are interested.

Zac Dillon
265 King Street, Newcastle NSW 2323

Mob: 0414 187 443



Prospecting part 1:

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Prospecting part 2:

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