Celebrity Skin Care Routines

Ever wonder how celebrities maintain their gorgeous, glowing and ageless looking skin? Let’s have a sneak peak on some of their beauty skin care routines:

Jennifer Lopez

JLo’s skin care routine

She attributes her glowing skin to a few tricks, her secret beauty weapon? She sees to it that she gets 10 hours of sleep every night (that is whenever possible). J Lo is also living a healthy life by strictly following a no alcohol, no cigarettes and no caffeine rule. She believes it wrecks your skin as you grow older.

As for food, JLo eats lots of green vegetables, asparagus and broccoli. She also does meditation 20 minutes a day.


She likes to keep it simple when it comes to skin care. She always goes to bed with a clean face, stays her skin hydrated, slather on sunscreen and uses primer before applying makeup. Her active lifestyle seems to be factor too in achieving her glowing skin.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s Skin Care Beauty Secrets

Her skin care routine is just consistent. She uses a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream. She also likes to do facials once a week which includes face peel, hydrating neutralizer and oxygen mask. These firms up your skin and minimize the appearance of pores. In addition to her regular routine, she mists her face with rosewater before applying makeup.

Lucy Liu

She has been applying sunscreen rigorously when working outdoors. She prefers a sunscreen that doesn’t leave behind an oily residue.
Prior cleansing, the actress uses a makeup remover so she don’t need to scrub her skin for residues no matter how much makeup she’s been wearing. Then she uses soap with washcloth to wash her face then mixing cream with aloe vera and a touch of oil to massage the mixture into her face.


She then finishes her skin care routine with various moisturisers to protect her skin from dryness as well as to minimize the effects of sun damage.


Nicole Richie

The Simple Life’s Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

She says she’s not a huge make up person. She follows a simple beauty regimen since she has a sensitive skin. For her, heat and make up just clogs up and is not good for skin. So as much as possible, she prefers to just keep it clean.

Though she always has a bottle of makeup remover handy and uses a concealer to cover up her under eye situation. She also uses cleanser and moisturizer on her face.


Kristen Bell

skin care

Kristen Bell on the set of Frozen

She has dry and sensitive skin so she saves all the oils that came out overnight so she skips morning face wash. She just sets a hot towel on her face for 20 seconds every single day. And it has been her ritual to use sunscreen every day.

She focuses her skin care routine at night. She washes her face in the shower so her pores will open. She then puts moisturisers on her face after cleansing.


I’m sure you have already taken note some of their tips. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try experimenting if their skin care routines fit your skin needs. Who knows? You might get discovered when you achieve the same glowing skin these celebrities have!

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